Finding 46 North


Thanks for reading Restoring 46 North! Jed, Micaela and I are beyond excited to start this restoration process and to share it with you. First, the backstory…

For years, we have been searching boats for sale. We knew we wanted a boat that could push through the water safely,  had classic lines and was aesthetically pleasing with luxury accommodations. We also knew we wanted a powerful and reliable diesel engine, a pilot house that Jed could comfortably maneuver in (he is 6’4” tall) and a boat that could not only cruise the Eastern Coast but would be able to handle the Great Loop (more on the Great Loop later).

The story begins on August 1, 2017 when Jed found the ad for the boat on Craigslist. It was clear the boat needed some TLC from the pictures included in the post, however she was priced attractively and referenced Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Jed sent me the ad via text from the other room and I hollered “LET’S BUY IT”, basing my decision on the fact that it was built in Nova Scotia (where Jed’s family has a summer house) and because (as a believer in signs)  I saw a cardinal that afternoon. Jed replied with “Oh, yes,  we should buy it because you saw a bird on your walk.” Though there was a slight sense of sarcasm in his voice, we both knew that we wanted this boat.

After a quick Google search we were able to find articles on the original boat builder, Cecil Heilser. Cecil is well known for his building of Cape Islander boats and resides in Mahone Bay currently. With a vacation to Nova Scotia planned for the following week, Jed left for Long Island, New York on August 4th to see the boat in person. Within minutes of stepping onboard 46 North, Jed knew this was the boat for us. Standing at the helm station sealed the deal (but he was not ready to make an offer just yet). Though 46 North was in clear need of re-planking along with other repairs, her teak and holly interior was impeccably maintained.


(Jed’s first glimpse of 46 North)

Jed explained to the owner, Kevin, our interest in the boat and our upcoming vacation to Nova Scotia. Before we purchased 46 North, we wanted to track down Cecil Heisler as well as explore the possibility of having the restoration project completed back in Nova Scotia. We sent Kevin a deposit to hold the boat for us, and we headed up to Canada. After a few days of research in the Mahone Bay and Lunenburg area of Nova Scotia, we were able to not only spend time with Cecil talking about the building of 46 North but we were able to find Bill Lutwick who would lead the restoration process for us. Again with the powers of Google, we were also able to track down the original owner and speak to him about his time with 46 North. The only thing left to do was buy the boat!

On August 16th, we make an offer on 46 North. Kevin accepted, and an exciting chapter for Jed, Micaela and me began…

We are beyond excited to share this process with you! We will be documenting (blog posts, pictures, drone & GoPro footage) the entire project here on Restoring 46 North. Coming up on Restoring 46 North:

  • Finding Lutwick Boatworks
  • Meeting Cecil
  • Hauling 46 North from Long Island to Mahone Bay
  • Bill’s First Assessment of 46 North


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  1. Will be following your progress with interest from the other side of the world in Tasmania. Australia. I am the owner of a 37′ huon pine motorsailer

    Regards Jeff Caldwell


  2. Love the spirit and adventure in finding a boat worthy of restoration by some of Nova Scotia’s finest boat builders . 46 north will provide many hours of salty stories and cruising tales.


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