Nova Scotia, Lutwick’s & an Offer Made

Hello again!  

Thank you for checking back at our blog. It has been a while and a lot has happened since our first blog post; 46 North has journeyed over 1,000 miles to Canada, we had our first overnight onboard, two trips to Nova Scotia–and then some! But first, let’s go back to where we left off…

On August 9th, with Micaela, our dog Bailey, and 100+ pictures of 46 North in her current state, we packed up the car with our 17 foot Boston Whaler happily on its trailer in tow and headed to Nova Scotia for our annual summer vacation at Jed’s family cottage. Side note– for those of you who have never been to Nova Scotia, I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list and go!

After sharing some information about 46 North with locals, talking with several wooden boat builders and asking around about Cecil Heisler, we were pointed in the direction of Bill Lutwick of Lutwick’s Boat Building & Repair. Located just a few miles outside of downtown Mahone Bay, we drove along the edge of the ocean to Indian Point to Lutwick’s. As we walked into the shop we were greeted by Duncan, the shop dog, perched on the stairs announcing our arrival. Within seconds, Bill (also known as the nicest guy ever) welcomed us into his shop and we quickly got to talking about 46 North and carefully inspected all of the detailed pictures Jed had taken when he first saw 46 North on Long Island, NY.

(inside the shop of Lutwick’s Boat Building & Repair)

Bill recalled 46 North instantly. Calling her “a handsome boat” and remembering how “beautiful” she was as she was hauled out of town in 2000, he was saddened to hear of her current state. Bill assessed the pictures we brought with us and talked about what he knew about the boat. Bill considered Cecil a mentor and is familiar with Cecil’s style of boat building. He was sure that 46 North had epoxy used during the building process and was made with local Nova Scotia pine planking with white oak ribs. Bill sensed our excitement about 46 North and questioned whether Jed was wearing rose colored glasses.  At this point, I had not seen the boat (except in pictures)  and  volunteering that fact to Bill possibly made him question my sanity.

Without seeing the boat, Bill was unable to give us a full assessment. After a second review of the pictures, Bill confirmed what we already believed to be the case… 46 North was in need of a lot of attention. He offered to take a road trip to Long Island in the fall to properly assess the true condition of the boat. Knowing the current owner would not hold the boat for us through the fall, we told Bill we needed to make a decision within the next few days. Bill warned us that it could be a rather big project, although there was no way for him to know sight unseen. He agreed to take on the project if we were to purchase 46 North and we told him we would be in touch.

(Jed & Bill reviewing pictures of his work on The Wanderbird)


Jed and I left Lutwick’s with the warm fuzzies, and with Cecil’s phone number (more on that in the next post). Returning back to the cottage, we whipped out the laptop and immediately started Googling the original owner. You would be surprised by how many Mr. Smith’s live in Michigan… The process of elimination combined with my internet trolling skills led us to a Yacht Club where Mr. Smith was a member. Though the women who answered would not give out the phone number for Mr. Smith, she agreed to contact him and pass along our phone number. Not too long after, Mr. Smith called us.

Jed was on the phone with Mr. Smith for about half an hour. In a nutshell, he and his wife had the boat built and sought out Cecil Heisler for the job knowing Cecil was a master of his craft. He loved the boat and sold it after many years of happy ownership to start a new boating chapter. The diesel engine and wheel were a present from his friend, the then-president of American Diesel. Mr. Smith loved the boat and had only great things to say about 46 North. Jed ended the call with Mr. Smith, and we knew we wanted this boat.

On the morning of August 16, 2017, we made an offer on 46 North. Jed told Kevin (the owner at the time) about Lutwick’s, finding Cecil and speaking to Mr. Smith. Kevin accepted our offer under the agreement that we would keep 46 North’s integrity in tact and restore her properly. I danced on the deck in excitement and then we headed over to Lutwick’s to tell Bill the news. The next step was to figure out how to get the boat from Long Island, New York, to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia…


Up next on Resorting 46 North:

Finding Cecil Heilser

46 North Before Restorations

Hauling from Long Island to Nova Scotia


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  1. I designed the marine railway for my cousin Bill at Indian point. We had a good look at 46 North this Sept when we were down.
    My brother John and I helped Bill assemble the railway carriage, but had to leave before the rails were installed. I would really like to be there when you haul her out.
    Alan King

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