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It has been a while since the last post and I figured it was time for an update! At this point, 46 North should already be in Lutwitck’s shop and we should be well underway with the project but we are not quite there yet… I will share a little of what we have been up to as we get closer to moving 46 North over to Lutwick’s. Once she’s there this exciting restoration project will truly be underway!

The schooner Amasonia that was (notice how I didn’t say is) in Lutwick’s had a few surprises pop up as they came close to splash time. Like any project of this nature there are bound to be delays, and delays there were… A diesel engine not behaving, a fuel tank leak, you know… normal boat stuff. This caused the delay for us to move 46 North into the shop but we are happy with how the timeline is unfolding. Amy and I met Lorne, the owner of Amasonia, and he has been a pleasure to get to know! Lorne is a wooden boat lover and skilled with wooden boat repair having just worked with Bill on his schooner Amasonia. Lorne will most likely be helping with the restoration project along with others who you will hear about in future posts!

Amasonia has since splashed and now Bill is installing a new marine railway system that 46 North will be the first to ride on! The new plan is to push our splash date to spring 2019 and enjoy 46 North being in Lutwick’s all winter as we work on her! This will allow us to get all of the projects done without a time crunch. I am looking forward to spending as much time as possible living at the cottage, enjoying winter days at Lutwick’s learning and working on 46 North and winter nights cozy by the fire! The cottage is truly beautiful in every season!

Schooner Amasonia getting closer to splashing!

Let’s get caught up since our last post! Per usual it was a busy spring. Micaela graduated high school and has chosen to attend Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa! Amy and I could not be more proud and excited for her; what a fun new chapter in life! She will be studying environmental studies and business, following two passions with an open mind, as the world truly is her oyster! Needless to say, spring was extra busy with graduation celebrations, getting boats in the water and businesses ready for the tourist season in Rockport, MA!

Micaela at graduation!!!

On our trip to the cottage in July, we stumbled across a new store, “Dory Mates Seafood” selling fresh fish right in the heart of downtown Lunenburg! As Amy and I walked over to check it out we saw a familiar face, Kelly, who we got to know from being a server at the Salt Shaker (one of our regular go-to eateries in town). She said it was her new business and we were so excited to see this great new seafood shop in town and were happy to see Kelly starting her own business! Dory Mates is the place to go in Lunenburg for fresh seafood! Being a small business owner I was eager to hear her story as to how she came up with the idea and offered to lend a hand if she needed any help with her new business! I got roped into helping hang an oar on the storefront and I was excited to lend a hand! Kelly and I drove to the hardware store and got a few screw eyes, she already had line and pullies and in the blink of an eye the oar was up and looking good! We have enjoyed super tasty steamers, lobster sandwiches and an assortment of other fresh seafood! Stop by if you’re in town looking for fresh seafood or a tasty grab and go sandwich!

dory mates store front
Look close for the oar hanging over the front window!

Amy and I enjoyed some extra weeks at the cottage this summer and cherished sharing time with my parents (John & Peggy)!  It has also been so fun spending more time in this great community! Bill hosts a fun “non-shareholders” party the first Friday of each month that we had been missing due to travel dates! Determined not to miss the first Friday in August Amy and I flew up to Nova Scotia a few days early for vacation! It was a fun event, the shop had lot’s of space as the schooner Amasonia had recently been launched, and I could just imagine how 46 North would fill the space! Amy and I took our Boston Whaler over form the cottage, a quick 12-minute ride across the bay! John and Peggy showed up a bit later by car… Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it really is a different culture being in Nova Scotia compared to being in Massachusetts. The Maritimes are known for their kindness and welcoming people and we felt right at home! As the night went on I spoke with Murray Stevens who built many beautiful schooners including Arcadia built in 1971 on 2nd Peninsula and the late Raindancer. What a wealth of knowledge to soak in and invaluable connections to make.

Schooner Arcadia waiting for her spars! Owner Carol gave us a tour below decks!

Our time is always cherished at the cottage surrounded by loving people and family! Amy and I enjoy going to see Karen at the local farm market located further up Princess Inlet just a few minutes from the cottage! Amy and Micaela especially love to see the animals and we all love Eric the goat. He is a raskel and sneaks out under the fence. What personalities these animals have!

Eric is a real mischief maker!

So this gives you a quick taste as to what we have been up to, and yes 46 North will soon be towed over to Lutwick’s! Before she goes in the water we have some prep work to make sure she floats the entire tow up Indian Point! More fun posts to follow with all of those details! The blog will continue to be focused on the restoration of 46 North with a splash of our lifestyle thrown in as well! I do hope you are enjoying following our story and please comment and share the blog with people you think would also enjoy! Stay tuned for the next post that will include getting 46 North ready to move to her winter home inside Lutwick’s boat shop!  Blog posts will increase as the adventure takes on headway!

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