About Us

46n(Micaela, Amy & Jed onboard 46 North for the first time together)


About Jed:

Captain, sailor, dad, entrepreneur, small business owner, scuba diver, and so much more! Jed found his passion for the ocean at a young age. Jed has sailed all over New England, Nova Scotia and the British Virgin Islands. Although raised in New England, Jed has spent his summers in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia at this family’s cottage since the age of 7. Jed grew a fondness for the Cape Islander style boat after attending the Wooden Boat Festival in Mahone Bay as a child.

About Amy:

New Englander, sun chaser, traveler, foodie and whale enthusiast who lives life by-the-sea (and frequently in it). Amy fell in love with the boating lifestyle after spending her summers as a child on Churches Pier in Martha’s Vineyard, among other places, on her family’s boat. Amy is excited to learn how to plot courses, read navigational charts and take on all the responsibilities of operating and owning a boat!

About Micaela:

Student, daughter, traveler, dog lover, sailor, soon-to-be college freshman, scuba diver, mermaid and earth lover (just to name a few). Micaela has spent her entire life on, in and under the ocean. The future is bright and beautiful for this young woman as she pursues her interests in environmental studies and entrepreneurship.

Together we are Jed, Amy and Micaela; proud owners of 46 North! Not only do we all share a love for each other, but we share a love for the ocean, boating  and the boating lifestyle. We are incredibly excited to start the project of restoring 46 North and look forward to sharing the process with you as well as many adventures on board!


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