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Let’s catch up!

Greetings! It has been a while since the last post and I figured it was time for an update! At this point, 46 North should already be in Lutwitck’s shop and we should be well underway with the project but we are not quite there yet… I will share a little of what we have…

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Finding Cecil Heisler

Greetings, Jed here! 2018 has arrived and it is time to pick up where we left off! 46 North is resting on the hard in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, protected under shrink-wrap, patiently waiting for springtime to arrive! Spring is when she will splash and make her way over to Lutwick’s to be hauled into…

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Finding 46 North

Ahoy! Thanks for reading Restoring 46 North! Jed, Micaela and I are beyond excited to start this restoration process and to share it with you. First, the backstory… For years, we have been searching boats for sale. We knew we wanted a boat that could push through the water safely,  had classic lines and was…

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